MacBook Pro and iMac Updates Imminent

Submitted by lalit on February 18, 2011 - 1:34pm.

Supplies of current MacBook Pro models are running low in Apple stores and third party retailers. Several sources have told MacRumors that MacBook Pro models specially 15-inch and 17-inch have a long wait time and one major retail chain has notified its branches that it won’t be able to fulfill replenishment orders for current MacBook Pro lineup. Also Amazon is showing 1-2 months wait time for 17-inch MacBook Pro model. The limited supply is a clear indication Apple is preparing to update the MacBook Pro models. 

Rumors are that the MacBook Pro lineup will see major design changes inline with the recently announced MacBook Air laptops. Apple will improve the Unibody design and bring Air like SSD to MacBook Pro lineup. It is believed that Apple will combine small size SSD with a regular hard drive to keep storage space high, while increasing the performance at same price points. Also the Pro lineup will get the recently announced second generation Intel Core i processors.

On the iMac side, Three Guys And A Podcast (TG) is reporting that Apple is on track for an iMac refresh sometime in March. There estimation is based on the fact that Apple updates the iMac lineup about every 8 months and the last update was released in July 2010. Also, Intel’s new Core i processors are shipping, which would improve iMac’s performance by about 20 percent.

The iMac will also adopt the small size SSD and regular hard drive combination for better performance. TG also believes that iMac will get higher resolution displays that will bring their pixels-per-inches (PPI) closer to iPad’s 130 PPI. Our sources say that Apple will maintain the current screen resolution as the 21.5-inch model already has 1920 x 1080 resolution and the 27-inch model comes with 2560 x 1440 resolution, increasing it any further will be a costly affair.

We believe that MacBook Pro will be announced first in February followed by iMac in March. And both the systems will ship as soon as they are announced.