Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Still Lagging in Performance and Web Standards Compliance

Submitted by lalit on January 27, 2009 - 2:15pm.

Microsoft has been promising that the upcoming IE 8 browser will be more web standards compliant and perform faster on standard web technologies. But the tests performed by ZDNet on IE 8 RCI that Microsoft released yesterday show otherwise. ZDnet took the latest build of IE 8 and benchmarked it using Acid3 test, Sunspider and Google V8.
On Acid3 test, which measures how closely browsers comply with web standards, IE 8 scored 19 out of 100, far below its competitors like FireFox (93/100), Safari (98/100) and Opera (100/100). This shows that like IE 7 the latest version of the browser will follow its own web standards.
JavaScript performance has become very important for web surfing and Sunspider benchmarks the time required to load JavaScripts (lower the time better it is). Here also IE 8 RC1 failed miserably, it came last and was three times slower than Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Only Opera was able to match IE’s slow performance. 
In another JavaScript benchmarking tool provided by Google, V8 v2, IE 8 again came in last with the lowest score. Here also it was more than three times slower than Safari and Chrome. Despite addition of new features it looks like performance of IE hasn’t improved much. IE 8 is still in beta; we will see what changes Microsoft makes to improve performance when it releases the final version.