iPad 3: Big Hardware Changes, But No Major Design Change

Submitted by lalit on January 6, 2012 - 12:48am.

Rumors about upcoming iPad 3 have been flowing thick and fast for past few days. And today Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge added his two cents to the iPad 3 rumors. Jeremy has been right about Apple related rumors in past so the latest details about iPad 3 that he posted on Twitter have some weight behind them. Things that Jeremy pointed out include:

  • Cameras on the iPad will be updated, Front camera will go HD and the rear camera will be like iPhone 4/4S (mostly 5-megapixel).
  • iPad 3 will be thicker by 1mm to accommodate new parts like A6 processor, bigger battery and higher megapixel camera.
  • Overall, iPad design won’t change much, except from curve radiuses on the body to accommodate the added thickness.

Rumors are that Apple will launch the new iPad 3 by end of February or early March. Along with ultra high resolution display the new Apple tablet will also get quad core A6 processor, improved graphics, bigger battery and better cameras.