Intel Launches Clarkdale and Arrandale Processors

Submitted by lalit on January 4, 2010 - 10:53pm.

Intel updated its desktop and laptop processor lineup by adding new Clarkdale processors for desktop and new Arrandale processors for laptops. Intel also introduced new chipsets and wireless chips support the new processors. Both the processors lineups are based on 32nm process technology and Nehalem architecture. New processors now integrate new Intel HD graphics engine and memory controller on the same chip package making the chips more power efficient and improving the overall performance, while decreasing the size of the overall chipset.

As you can see in the above chart Intel has two Core i3 processors, four Core i5 processors and five Core i7 processors for laptops that are codenamed Arrandale. On the desktop side, Intel has two Core i3 processors and four Core i5 processors. All the processors support Hyperthreading, but Core i3 series for both laptop and desktop doesn’t support Intel’s Turbo Frequency feature, which increases processor core speed under heavy load.

Many website have posted reviews of the new processors. However, website like HotHardware, AnandTech and Tom’s Hardware were very impressed by performance of new Arrandale laptop processors, as they posted around 20 percent jump in performance. But website like Techspot, Anandtech and PCPerspective were less impressed by Clarkdale desktop processors, as it offers relatively small performance gain when compared to previous generation Intel processors.